By: Bears Butt

It isn’t every day I run into the perfect video, at least in my mind it’s perfect. There are sure a lot of genius'(s?) out there in the world. My question to you: Do you like bacon? There is something about bacon that is just…well…yum. It’s too bad it already has a name…bacon…because it really should be named…Yum…

Yum and eggs! Tenderloins wrapped in Yum! Y.L.T. sandwiches! Yum Burger with Cheese!

And in a lot of today’s restaurants they have big screens on which they watch football, basketball and whatever the latest is that the majority of customers in those places like to watch….can you imagine a big screen with nothing but frying bacon on it! All day long! Nothing but frying bacon! Sales of bacon food would go through the roof! And if you also had bacon smells through out the joint! Can you imagine! Bacon smelling napkins. Bacon smelling drink glasses. Bacon smelling incense.

Now check this out!

Need I say more?

Written on November 22nd, 2014 , Uncategorized

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