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I just finished processing my third deer for this year.  This one was taken by 13 year old, Braden Brailsford from Brigham City.  A nice 3X2 with pretty good mass for a little buck.  He was lucky enough to get a clean shot just before dark on the opening day and nailed it perfectly.  There was only about 3 pounds of meat that was destroyed by the shock, not bad for a high caliber bullet.  His parents were both extremely proud of him and they should be.  He was pretty stoked too telling me the story.  That is two bucks in two years for him!

As I was processing it, it became very apparent this little buck had been eating very well.  There was fat layered in all the muscle throughout the animal.  I have never seen so much fat marbled in a deer.  I suppose that is what happens when the buck eats nothing but alfalfa, corn and home grown veggies its whole life.

So, I have processed 3 deer this year, all taken in Northern Utah and all three were fat as could be.  Does that mean they had a good growing season with plenty of water and forage?  Or is it Gods way of preparing them for the upcoming winter?  If in fact it is the upcoming winter, I suggest everyone reading this pile in an extra cord of wood for the stove and maybe even fix up the snow blower or ATV snow plow, NOW and not wait until that first snow storm.

Another thing I’ve noticed is all the fuzzy caterpillars crawling around….many more than usual.  Another sign of a harsh winter?  HMMMMM…..

Extra cord of wood…..A new heavy duty coat…..snow blower fixed and ready…..extra gas in the gas can…..Or perhaps just jump in the jalopy and head down South!  NAH!  South is for sissies!  Come March of 2015, we will be able to know what the fat and fuzzy caterpillars were trying to tell us….let’s learn a thing or two about this, as Nature tends to tell us stupid humans things that we sometimes don’t notice or if we do, we don’t take heed to.

Maybe there is a need for a new pair of red flannel underwear in my future.

Bears Butt

October 20, 2014

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