By: Bears Butt

MuzzyGunSix days until the hunt.  What have I done to get ready?

Well, considering we are taking a few of the camp trailers up in the morning to establish our camp site, I have had a time trying to think of what to take now and what to take later.  We are planning on camping Friday through early Sunday and then coming home, only to go back on Tuesday morning with the rest of the gang.

Since this is a non-shooting time, no guns are being taken and since there is a limited entry elk hunt going on in the area it would not be a good idea to do any shooting anyway.  How would you feel if after 15 or more years of putting in for a limited entry elk hunt and then while you were hunting some dipstick was target shooting near where you were hunting.  I would not be happy if it were me.

The trailer for the toys is ready….I greased the bearings, puffed up the tires and made sure the bolts and screws were all tight.  And also checked the lights…..everything is ready to go!

I went over my list of things to bring and checked it twice, maybe four times and now it’s loaded in Weasels camp trailer ready for the trip.  I have over packed for sure, but who knows, I just might need some of it.

The weather is calling for a very good chance of rain tomorrow and then again on Monday.  Temps are going to moderate from the near record heat we are having right now and being up in the mountains it will probably feel cold.  I have my capote as well as another coat and a rain jacket if needed.  I even put the “cocoon” on the toy just for fun, you never know when a butterfly might pop out.

I have sharpened all my hunting knives, trying my best to get them all sharpened at a 17 degree angle…..razor sharp angle.  I have got to be careful as they are beginning to cut the leather sheaths.

Since this is my first hunting trip without my own camp trailer, I have been wondering the whole time about how Dry Dog and this “Dog House” is packed.  Has he lit his refer to get it cold?  Is he prepared with coffee, pot and cups?  Does he have plenty of propane?  Water?  Cooking pans and pots?  Lighters?  Potty paper and chemicals?  All these things I have neatly packed away in my camp trailer but I can’t help but wonder….I guess, since everything beyond my rifle and license is a luxury…..why am I worrying at all!

Liver bucket?  Got it!  Rope?  Got it!  Gambril?  Got it!  $5 for the big buck contest?  Got it!

Looks like it’s time to go!

Bears Butt

September 18, 2014

Written on September 18th, 2014 , Hunting Stories

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