By: Bears Butt


Now that’s what I call a good yell!

Our 31st annual rendezvous and it’s going to be a great one and a great time!  Switchback and Natalie are the Booshway and Segundo’s for this event and they have promised us a good time!  Of course it takes more than two to make a great time, and that is where the rest of us come into play!  I’ll be there to play, you can bet on that!

Winemaker and I were trying to figure out our menu’s for the days and it’s really hard to figure out some of the days, especially the evening meals.  With folks coming and going almost constantly and me wanting to be in everyone’s business, it makes it difficult (especially for her) to plan a meal.  “Now where in the heck is Bears Butt”?!!!!?

You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to keep track of one Bears Butt in such a small area we camp in.  Heck the whole area, including the range is only about 2 acres.  I hope she doesn’t get any wild ideas about putting a shock collar on me to get me to “come home” when she pushes the button.  She might catch me right in the middle of a drink of my favorite beverage.

So, I hope everyone reading this is planning on coming down to the event!  The rain lately has all the dust settled and now we need some dry out time in order for us not to get our rigs stuck.  But where better to be stuck if it does happen?

This is always such a fun event…kids activities mostly happen on Saturday and it’s really fun to watch them “getting into it”….Kids Limpics…BB gun shoots….knife and hawk throwing…and just plain running around and having fun with friends and family.  For sure by the time bedtime comes around they are more than ready!  Even us older folks don’t stay up too late these days.  But, toss in a Twister with his singing around the camp fire and I’ll extend my “awake time” for several hours.  I usually pay for it in the morning, but it’s worth it.  And especially when the “black flag” comes out with an eye opener of a bloody mary!  Oh ya!

Out my window my my Bears Den, I just saw one Fat Duck drive by with a trailer filled with shotgun shooting stuff!  That is on Sundays agenda…9 til noon…I’ve talked to him about it and we are all in for one BIG surprise.  It will NOT be like past shotgun shoots!  I’m looking very much forward to it!  Maybe I will even hit one of those tricky little pigeons this year!  Duck has gone way out of his way for this years event!  Fun!

The way Switch Back and Nat have got the schedule set up, it looks like the adult events will be held on Sunday, beginning with the shotgun shoot and extending until days end with a “flint off” between the kid and adult winners of the flint and steel fire starting contests that will have been held on Friday and Saturday nights.  Oh and don’t forget, we will somehow be sitting atop the rocking horse called “Black Arrow”at some point….I’m not entirely sure how or where that feller will fit in, but I’ll be loading it up in the trailer and hauling it down for our fun and enjoyment….look out kids, it’s about to buck!

From the little tid bits I’ve told you about in this short write up…don’t you just WANT TO BE HERE?  Of course you do!  And I hope we see you there!  Bring yer bedroll cuz you ain’t gonna wanna leave!  Bring a few dollars as well so you can win some of the raffle prizes being offered up!


Bears Butt

August 26, 2014

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