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Remember a while back when I posted about a recall to my cars airbag deployment system?  Well, I just got my 3rd notice on this.

You see, back when the first notice came out, I quickly contacted Crock and had the thing fixed.  All was well.  Then came another notice and Crock once again took the car by the airbag so to speak.  Now, after almost 2 years of recalling these cars for the same defects they are wanting to replace all the airbag deployment units!  DUH!

In the meantime I hope Winemaker or I don’t hit a bump in the road that causes it to go off and deploy the airbags without warning.

Also, if you are following behind a Pontiac Vibe, be aware that they may suddenly hit their brakes for no apparent reason to you….it will because the airbag just decided to blow into their faces and the natural thing to do was to hit the brake hard.  You know they will not be able to see where they are going and that will be the natural tendency.  In today’s world of driving, following a Pontiac Vibe is like having an animal or worse suddenly come into the front of your vehicle out of nowhere.

VibeThis is what they look like from the side view….remember…they can be any color!

And this is what you can expect to see when you are following them….again….any color!  BEWARE!  And good luck!

The automobile safety board recommends that under normal driving conditions, allow one car length for each 10 mph speed your are going, except when following a Pontiac Vibe, please allow three times that much distance and in case you are going down a freeway at 70 to 80 mph, please also expect that when you have given yourself 8 to 10 car lengths of distance to the Pontiac Vibe ahead of you, there will be someone pull in between your vehicle and the Vibe.  That will not help you to avoid the crash that just may happen at any moment, but if you are a diligent driver, you can opt to take the next available exit.

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August 24, 2014

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