By: Bears Butt


Winemaker and I are venturing out on this fine Saturday morning to do something we have never done before….hitting the yard sales!  We don’t need anything and it’s just a curiosity thing for us…to see how others do theirs.  We have had several yard sales in the past and even last year we convinced the neighborhood into having a block sale.  It was fun and most of the families got rid of some unwanted stuff.  It’s funny what we save and I’m probably the worst….It’s Good Junk and if I throw it away, I’ll be going out and buying another soon…..Ever hear that?

If nothing else it puts the two of us together doing something we both like and that is meeting people and B.S.’n…..we don’t have any definite plans nor specific sights to hit, it will be a drive down the highway looking for the telltale signs of a yard/garage sale.  Stop and Gawk!  Who knows maybe we will run into that “once in a lifetime” box of highly valuable stuff…this totally reminds me of “Gattlin”!  “Got anything in the line of sporting goods”?  That’s his main line and it puts him onto some super deals on guns and gear!  Sometimes he makes such a good deal on a fancy rifle that I have a tough time knowing how he even sleeps at night.

So, wish us luck!  We’re Outa Here!

Bears Butt

May 31, 2014


That was fun!  We hit about 10 yard sales and it was interesting to us to see so many clothes at them…everyone of them.  We couldn’t do without a coffee table for Winemakers area down stairs and how could I pass up 5 drill bits for 50Cents!  I never got around to asking about “sporting goods”, but we did see some fishing tackle and a lot of power tools.  Tons of glassware and dishes also.  A wonderful day with a great thing to do.  I’m not sure we will ever do it again, as she works on most Saturdays, but today’s adventure was a fun one.


Bears Butt

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