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AnotherSkunkYesterdays pretty scene.

It’s Thursday and Bob and I are prepared to head way out West…The Bull Arena awaits our presence.

It’s going to be very interesting to see if there are any rats in that little bit of water.  Last Spring I could see several rat houses out there and that was from the road.  The thing(s) that kept me from entering the field and trapping it were the bulls….have I told y0u of my fear of bulls?  It think I have.  And unlike the scene I saw yesterday with Bob ignoring the bulls…

BobIgnoringTheBullsIf I were in his shoes right there, I would be having a heart attack….look what was across that little seep of water:

BullsInterestedInBobThey are very interested in Bob at this moment. (CSR stands for “Chit, Scared, Run”, not really it just applies to me)

Well, we don’t have to contend with bulls in the Bull Arena, as Richard Nicholas has taken them out just so we can trap it.  A couple of years ago, he and I had a very good heart to heart conversation about “fears”…My fear is bulls and his fear is “rats”….so we have a mutual feeling and for him to give me permission to trap those rats was a given.

We want to totally wipe out every rat in that area and it should be pretty easy to do.  The water way is only about 500 yards long, from the spring at the top, to where ever the water goes at the very end.  For some odd reason, all the water out in that part of the country just comes to an end…not like it goes into the Great Salt Lake, it just plain ends.

So, even though it is slated to rain today (90%), and we can expect to get soaked, we are going out with the intention of setting about 80 traps in that little area.  With that many traps out we should wipe out the population of rats in about 4 days.  Hang with me and I’ll let you know how we do.

As for todays catch:

With yesterdays surprise number, and last nights winds and building clouds, I think we can expect to only catch about half what we did yesterday.  So, I’m saying I’ll catch 7…I hope I’m wrong.  Oh and I’ll get a raccoon too.

Bears Butt

February 27, 2014


Got back home at 4:55…a very long day in the field.

Bob and I set “A Bunch” of traps in the Arena today…all the Conibear traps I had on the toy and I think that was 60, but I’m not sure.  We ran out of time and traps at the same time.  Tomorrow I will set more.

There was so much sign of rats in that small ditch it is crazy….I don’t think it has ever been trapped.  Bob could not believe it either.

Meanwhile up on the Trellis, I caught 3 rats….that’s it.  In the live traps one skunk…pewwwwww!

As I was about to leave the area the rain had been coming down steady and I was soaked, then the North wind came up and the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees, to the point I could see my breath…I’m still cold right now.

Bob caught 12 rats on his line and he is feeling really good right now…he is regularly kicking my butt!

Bears Butt

Written on February 27th, 2014 , Daily Trapping Events

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