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Today was going to be dedicated to muskrat trapping preparation, instead I felt it necessary to go to Logan and visit with a friend who is checking out the internal workings of the Logan hospital.  He is acting as a sick person, but in reality he is undercover making certain that all the staff members are doing their assigned duties properly.  He is doing as good as can be expected right now!

Once back from that visit, I had an important task that needed immediate attention….A hair cut!

I believe my last hair cut was just before the muzzleloader deer hunt (could someone verify that for me?) and sitting in the chair at Wyatt’s BS, I made that comment and asked that he trim me up so as to give me until June to be back.  He did well!  I’m not certain it will be June until I see him next, but he did an excellent job of making my ears show back up on the sides of my head.

Of course we talked about the upcoming muskrat trapping and things of that sort and when I was about to walk out, he said to me, “I gave you a 1200 rat hair cut”!!!  Is that a prediction?  Is that a vision on his part?  1200 rats is a lot of rats, but for his sake, I will put that down as my personal goal catch for 2014!

1200….how close will we come?  Next week I will set my first set of 2014 with my fingers crossed and that number firmly planted in my head!

Bears Butt

February 5, 2014

Written on February 5th, 2014 , Trapping Stories

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