By: Bears Butt


The sky above us right now is cloudy and the chance of snow for today is 100%!  I like the snow, I just don’t like to have to plow it.

What good is snow?

Well, for some it’s making snowmen and throwing snowballs.  For others it’s snowboarding and skiing.  Still others like to go snow shoeing and cross country skiing or snow snowmobiling.

Snow makes for easier spotting of game animals (except the white furred ones) and tracking them.  And for me, snow covers up that crystal clear ice on the lake and makes me more comfortable walking on it to go ice fishing.

Snow in the mountains makes for full lakes in the summer and plenty of drinking water.

On the down side, snow makes for slick roads, sore backs, broken bones and bumped heads.

Snow helps out those who have snow plowing business’ and those that sell ice melt type stuff.  And of course the snow playing equipment for the sports I mentioned above.

Snow also helps to sell wine and adult beverages and encourages us to light a fire in the fire place and prepare for a comfy evening without the tv on.

Snow covers up all the weeds that were left in the garden and the leaves that didn’t get raked up.

Snow means cold which drives up our heat bills.  Deep snow will crush in your portable car port or your patio awning.

Snow can cause your car or truck to get stuck.

Snow can help us out, snow can bring us down.

Snow will fall

Snow will stack

Snow will ball

Snow will pack

Snow can make you say Holy Cow

Man I hat it when I have to Plow!

Bears Butt

Dec. 7, 2013

Written on December 7th, 2013 , Poems (or sumthin)

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