By: Bears Butt


So, is hunting at an end in Bears Butt’s life for the rest of this year?  Hardly!

Before getting the chance to “turn down” the San Juan elk tag, Weasel and I had put in for a cow elk tag for the Deseret Land and Livestock CWMU area and of course with Butt Luck on our side….we drew out!

You have read about how we had to qualify to be able to hunt on their ranch etc. and coming soon is our scheduled date to hunt for our cows.

December 3 is our first outing.

We have sent them all the necessary waivers, our qualification papers and have been in contact with the “man”, via email and are now waiting for the word on what time of day they want us there.  We look at it more as a “shoot” than a “hunt”…at least that is what I’m hoping for…drive in…take one shot each and come home with two big old cow elk.  That works for me!

If this comes to be, I will see my freezer full of more meat than I have ever seen it!

Muskrat…the Un-turkey shoot chili is on me next year!

Bears Butt

November 24, 2013

Written on November 24th, 2013 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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