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The Weasel said it in a post on Facebook…This is the eve of our muzz hunt outing!  Even with the actual season not starting until Wednesday, we leave to set up camp on Tuesday and that makes today the eve of that.  I have last minute stuff to go buy, the stuff I mentioned in a post before, the kind of things that just have to wait until the last minute.  Once this is posted I’m gone!

I thought I would conger up a poem about it, but it would have to include things like guns and beer and binocs and fuel and maybe the entire mix just wouldn’t sound like a good family entertaining thing….but then who cares?  It’s my blog!

Twaz the night before the muzz hunt and all through the trailer, things were stacked in total diss-array, from the weeks of packing and unpacking just to find stuff I may have missed……not much of a rhyme.

On Zeke, On Goose, On Rack do they go! Up over Monte and on with the show!…a little better.

The beer is stacked high, but not nearly as me!  When we first get to camp you know I’ll have to pee!….not family friendly.

Binocs are all packed, as well as the scope!  And no buck will go unseen, not from this old dope….now we are getting somewhere!

Water jugs filled and gas cans as well!  This hunt will be a fine one, anyone can tell!….oh ya!

Alarm clock is set to wake me at 4!  I gotta do my workout before heading out the door!….damn I’m good!

For those in the travel, who caravans in the pack, a special greeting awaits from the front of the Rack!…oh baby!

With a camp big as Randolph, we will rumble and shake, all the deer, elk and bear will run for Bear Lake!….YES!

And round the next bend, we will find our Bambi, the hammer will fall and we will hold up a dandy!…I’m getting good at this!

Then back to the camp to hang up the beast and collect up a diet coke from Magpie to say the least!

And round the fire at night, with embers a glow, out will come the kill jug to celebrate Bambi’s blow!….another good one!

When it’s all said and done and the hunt is no more, we will look back at the memories and start the countdown toward next year, and that’s for sure (shore)….nuff said!

Bears Butt

Sept. 23, 2013

Written on September 23rd, 2013 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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