By: Bears Butt

WithOlySignMuskrat told this joke yesterday and I thought it was very funny…

Where did “You have got to be shitting me” come from?

George Washington and his 40 men were crossing the almost frozen river while trying to find the British soldiers.  In the lead boat was George and his boat full of men rowing against the current.  Suddenly very close to the shore they hit a large rock.  George ordered Corporal Peters out to tend to the boat and pull it the rest of the way onto shore.

Once safe, he again ordered Corporal Peters to tend to the rest of the boats and make sure they too made it safely to shore.  Corporal Peters did as he was ordered and as the last of the boats full of men came toward him, Corporal Peters fell into the icy water.

In spite of all the effort the other men went to trying to find Corporal Peters in that icy water, Corporal Peters drowned.

With all his men soaking wet and the weather freezing George wasn’t sure what he was going to do to help his men survive.  Suddenly down the shore of the river he saw a faint glow of a lantern.  He quickly went down that way and found a brothel (house of ill repute mind you).  Knocking on the door the madam greeted him and he asked if she would mind if his men could spend the night and get their clothes dry.  She was very delighted and asked George how many men he had with him…..

His reply was “Well maam, 39, without Peters…”  Her reply “You have got to be shitting me”!!!!!


Written on September 20th, 2013 , Jokes I like!

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