By: Bears Butt


Oh Ya!  Rendezvous time!

Weasel and I took down some last minute stuff last night and the party had already begun!  Fat Duck, Hunter, No Grimace and Explorer were all very much into having a great time!  The camp is filling fast with tin tipis and areas were roped off to save some spots for others!  A great time is about to commence!

Today I take my tin house down and plant it and then stay for the duration.  A lot of work is yet to be done with putting up awnings, ranges and stuff like that and there will be a lot of help to do it.  I think today will be the day most of the “helpers” will come to stay.  In addition to that the porta-pots are to be delivered this morning.

This rendezvous started 30 years ago with 4 families and has grown slowly over the years to what it is today.  We are expecting close to 150 people before it’s over, all friends and family…heck we are all one big family if you ask me.  The activities begin in the morning with the range being open from nine until 5 (sounds like a song).  People will be filtering in as the day progresses and some of us are planning on shooting our target packets tomorrow.  I need to get mine out of the way so I can help others with theirs and do my duties at the sign in table.

Bones is somewhat stressed at this point with all the last minute things…mostly because others didn’t do their parts as quickly as she thinks they should have.  But then isn’t procrastination part of life?  Bones is not one to procrastinate, heck she had me doing receipts clear back in February…I’m glad too, they took a long time to make.

So, for the next 5 days, I’m not sure I’ll be making any postings on here, but when I get back you will read all about the happenings of the event!  Maybe I will be able to post daily things from my phone, but I’m really not sure.  We will see.


Bears Butt

August 28, 2013

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