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The other day I went in search of the ultimate big game bag.  Of course there are tons of game bags out there made out of everything from cotton to jet age stuff and of course the thin bags that wouldn’t hold a fly out of a carcass no matter what.

Some of you may recall that in the past I have stated there needs to be a game bag that could hold a bag of ice or maybe even dry ice in a pouch at the top and have an air pocket between the inside of the bag and the outside of the bag (like a thermos is made) that the cold air could travel down and around the animal inside to cool it down and protect it from the flys and bees.  Something with tight ties around the legs that are sticking out of the bag etc. etc.

So, I found this one called “Trophy Bag Kooler” (

I read all the testimonials and they seem quite “UP” on the bag.  None of them had even one negative comment to make.  It’s durable, keeps out dirt, bugs, is easy to clean inside and out, tough material on the outside…all good stuff.

So, my concern was the fact that the animal is laying on its side while inside the bag.  So, I emailed the company asking about this and stated that I thought the “down side” of the animal would spoil quickly.  Yesterday I had an email from the company asking me to call them.

On the phone with the company president and inventor of the Trophy Bag Kooler, Steve Glass, he clarified my concerns saying that the use of their frozen gel cools the animal very quickly preventing the down side from spoiling.  We talked for a half hour or so and he was full of knowledge about big game care and his Kooler bag.

The bag is what it is, made out of space age material and insulated to keep the cold in.  It could also be used to keep hot in as well, if that is what you desired.  So, this is how the thing works.

You field dress the animal and place it inside the bag.  Then you stuff the cavity and around the outside of the carcass with frozen bottles of their gel stuff.  These bottles freeze to about zero degrees according to Mr. Glass and they will quickly cool the carcass down to 40 (or lower) degrees.  You zip the bag closed and the cold is kept inside and will remain cold for several days.

My take on it is that you would probably have to replace the frozen bottles at least once if you are going to leave the animal inside for those “several days”.  Steve said that the carcass can remain inside the bag as it ages, just like inside a butcher shop cooler.

He said that in his own hunting camp, he will tie the front and back legs together (hog tied) and hang the animal from a tree that way, like a purse or bag, if you will.

So, there is a take off of what my idea is.  I mentioned that to him and he said that there was a guy who made some of my idea bags, only his used bags of ice inside and he said the guy didn’t last long as the bags never sold.

These Kooler bags have been around since 2008 (I think he said) and they are beginning to get great reviews and his sales are beginning to climb rapidly.  He and his crew were invited to a New Mexico antelope hunt last weekend (Aug. 24, 2013) to show off the product for a tv show that was being shot at the same time.  He said the use of the bag in nearly 100 degree heat proved to be a perfect thing to save that antelope from spoiling, especially for the 2 hour drive back to a processing plant in town.

So, what do you think?  Is it worth nearly $200 for the bag and a bunch of gel stuff?

Bears Butt

August 27, 2013

Written on August 27th, 2013 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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