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I’m always looking for something new and inventive to share with you and today I found a pretty good little item.  Well, it’s probably not something EVERYONE could use or even want, but for a hunter who still gets out and hikes for their big game animal, this just might be the ticket!

I can see where there is still some room for improvement on this thing, and I’ll mention it here.  The item is called “The Cape Keeper”   ( and it’s designed to pack out the head and cape of a big game animal up to the size of a moose.  You use ice packs or just plain ice from your cooler to help keep the cape cooled down while transporting it to the taxidermist.

So, here you are far from the camp and you down your big old elk.  Hopefully you are wearing your Cape Keeper as a back pack because if you left it back at camp, you are right where everyone has been all these years before the Cape Keeper came along.

I can’t imagine you looking at your big trophy elk and saying, well, I can’t do this without my Cape Keeper and then you trot off toward camp to get it.  NOPE!  You are going to get to work processing your elk right there on the spot and take your chances with the cape…just like in days gone by.

So, here is where I can see the improvements.  Make the Cape Keeper so it is useable as a back pack.  Lots of pockets to put the essentials of a day afield and yet still capable to haul out the cape of your animal while the rest of your stuff stays in the pockets where you put them.

It needs to have a hydration bladder as well.  Can you imagine hauling out your cape and antlers for say 3 miles without having water to drink while you are doing it?  Nope.

I think it’s a great idea and one that has had some pretty good thought put into its design and functionality, but there is need for much more improvement.

I thought of another thing that would be great for someone to invent that could go with this idea.  You know the heat packs you buy and when you want heat, you just open up the pack and rub them for awhile, activating whatever is inside to get them to produce heat?  Someone needs to invent something like that that generates Cold!  Then with this Cape Keeper, you could activate the cool packs when you load up the cape and head on down the trail.  Great idea!

Bears Butt

August 25, 2013

Written on August 25th, 2013 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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