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About 6:30 or so last night I got a call from one of my cousins who is very familiar with the San Juan country side.  He came over and we looked extensively at Google Earth on Sherry’s laptop.  He explained where “his rock” is (George Rock, and some time ago mentioned that he is in the process of carving it out to make a motel out of it), then on up the highway to a turn off that lead to a small water hole.  This would be a pretty good “out of the way” base camp if we wanted to use it.  From there we would have access to the North side of the Blue Mountains.

Then we followed another “main road”, across to the Monticello side of things and looked at the images there.  Talk about beautiful country!  People have posted pictures of the countryside that they have taken and placed them on Google Earth…magnificent country.

He pointed out another fine camping place next to a sizable lake pretty high up on the mountain, but warned about the possibility of heavy snow.  Something to definitely be concerned about.  Back down the road much closer to Monticello, he talked about an uncle of his that owns quite a bit of property and the likelihood of him letting us camp and hunt were very good.  He will get in contact with him and let me know pretty soon.

Looking at the pictures others have taken and posted on Google Earth really makes you realize this is perfect elk country.  A mix of cedar/pine/quakies and oak brush.  Some places very thick and others rather scattered.  I can hardly wait to get into there and see it for myself.

Earlier in the day Tracker called and said he would like to join me and Weasel on this hunt, even though it isn’t a muzzleloader only type hunt, he still wants to go and take pictures of that area of the state.  So with the three of us committed for sure we will have one camp trailer and at least 2 four wheelers to go down for the hunt.  Cousin Dennis said he would join us at our camp and go out with us as sort of the guide!  Keep in mind, more is better sometimes!

Bears Butt

July 29, 2013

Written on July 29th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS

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