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I’m classifying these posts under “dream hunts” as I consider this San Juan Late Elk hunt just that…a “Dream Hunt”.  Hopefully not a night marish one either.

I posted on the Utah Wildlife Network forum my dilemma and received both pro and con advise about the hunt.  Now that that is behind me, I’ve pretty much made my mind up to accept the hunt as it is, buy the tag and get on with some serious computer leg work.

One of the responders “Nambaster” called me and we talked for a bit about the hunt, the weather in the area and assorted other things.  What I got from the conversation was that there is no need to go down there and try to pattern the elk, as they will be pretty much on their winter range by the dates for my hunt.  The next most important item was safety and getting around in that part of the country.  He mentioned snowmobiles….I’ve never driven one, but my mind quickly raced to our Crawfords Dream Hunt and seeing all the guys with snowmobiles coming back with drag wagons full of huge bucks!  Only they could get to where the bucks were without killing themselves (like we did).  With that still in my head, the gamble is still a pretty good one as we may just not get the deep snows and drifts that come with them during these hunt dates.  I question: How much does God love me?

I have also decided I need to begin getting into shape for this hunt.  If you are planning to come and help me, I suggest you do the same.  I’ll need a lot of help getting the meat out of the deepest, rockiest and steepest canyon down there.   I watched some Youtube videos and mostly paid attention to the terrain rather than the animals and the hunters bagging them.  It’s a beautiful place with just about every imaginable terrain possible.  The country holds every imaginable wild animal as well and I’d love to see a bear in the wild while down there.  That is one of the reasons I’ve been putting in for this tag.

With the help from Nambaster and others forthcoming, I think this hunt will be a memorable one even if the tag goes unfilled.  I have a lot of work ahead of me and my mind is made up!

Bears Butt

July 28, 2013

(39 years with my sweetheart!  I love you Sherry!!!)

Written on July 28th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS

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