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Weasel and I went to the Logan gun range today for sighting in Fat Ducks and My 7mm Rem Mag rifles for the upcoming cow elk hunt.  We had just gotten there when our good friend Dancing Ramrod called.  He was sitting in front of my house and had a really nice gift of some Chorizo’s for me!  As we talked I told him that Winemaker was in the house and to ring the door bell.  He said he had already done that and no answer, yet the garage door was wide open and only one car was inside.

He told me he had the Chorizos and wanted to leave them here, so I told him to put them in the freezer, which he did.  We talked a short time and then he said good by.

No sooner had he hung up when my phone rang and it was Sherry calling.  I told her that Dancing Ramrod was outside and she said she saw him pulling away.  She did not hear the door bell as she was downstairs on her computer.  I’ll have to fix the down stairs door bell ringer, it probably has worn out batteries.

Anyway, she said she had just gotten off the phone with the Utah Division of Wildlife Management, a lady named Karen had called and said that I was chosen as an alternate in the big game drawing for the Late San Juan, any weapon bull elk hunt and that they had a tag turned back in and it was my choice to accept it or not!  ACCEPT IT OR NOT!!!!!

Sherry gave me the ladies phone number and I called right away!  I am not in a dream land, this is for real!  I told her I would have to wait until Monday to give her my credit card info, but I WANT THAT TAG!  She was cute about the whole conversation!  How about that?  With only 3 points going into the drawing I get chosen as an alternate and someone turns in their tag!  I’m going to the San Juan’s!!!!  It’s a late hunt that starts the first part of November and runs until around mid month.  Dates will be posted later!  I need someone to pinch me!

Bears Butt, THE Chosen One once again!

July 26, 2013


Written on July 26th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS

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