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Sunday!  Weather looks to be overcast, however I’m not accustomed to being here and it might be a high fog in the air.  Whatever it is the temp is 65 degrees right now, 6:45 a.m.

Today is “moving day”, not far, but a new place to sleep tonight..Pentaloma (sp), roughly meaning “back side of the hill”…We have had a wonderful time here at Helen and Manards, they have been such lovely hosts.  Helen allowed me to cook breakfast yesterday morning, but in her normal manner did not leave the backside of the kitchen all the time I cooked.  I wanted her to go sit with Manard and Sherry while I did my thing, but she insisted she stay back and “get ready for tomorrows luncheon”.  Most of what I saw her doing was dishes and shuffling things from one place to another.  That is her domain in this house and I was across the line (I guess).  Anyway, I managed to get it done and we had a great meal.

Before the adults ate, I knew that Kathy (Helen and Manards daughter) was going to come and pick up Zach and Elish (I spelled her name wrong yesterday) and so I fixed their eggs and they went ahead and ate.  Meanwhile here came Ilene to pick up her cell phone which she left at the house the night before.  Again and as usual we had a great conversation and I know she just wanted to pop in and grab the phone and head out, she couldn’t.  It was sit down, have a cup of coffee and converse.  Another wonderful conversation ensued.

When we ate, I boldly asked if we could modify the plan for the day…Helen and Manard were both very receptive to our request to stay home and “kick back”.  However as the day unfolded it wasn’t much of a kick back day.  As you recall I had a broken window in the coach to fix, plus the egg splatter on the side to get off. 



Look at the placement of that egg!  A perfectly placed drive by and obvious to me that vehicle was travelling from the rear of the coach to the front when it happened.  The egg toss was perfectly executed for a completly disabling shot had it been with large caliber bullets.  This “Egg Chucker” should know that Bears Butt recommends him/her for aerial combat missions in their future.

Dried egg is usually a nasty thing to try and get to come off and takes a lot of water.  I was prepared to grab my deep pan and scrub away for hours.  Guess what?  Manard had some wonderful stuff called “Krud Kutter”!  I don’t know what’s in it, but that egg came right off!  And I mean it came off without hardly having to scrub at all!  You would think that something that good would cause cancer in people from California, but apparently not because he bought it locally here at the Home Depot.  Have you heard of it at home?  I never have.  Manard gave me a bottle of it and I’ll be testing it regularly to see what it’s limitations are.

It also removed a lot of the oxydation from the side of the coach make it a necessity for me to scrub the entire coach soon.

Once the egg was removed, we moved down the line to the disconnected window.  That baby was completely out of its track and hanging there like a clear shingle.  Its little hinging points hanging on like troopers.  Manard had some snap ring tools and they worked great to get the window off the hinges so we could clean off the residual glue.  Again Manard had the acetone needed for that job.

Then it was a trip to town to pick up some glue for the window, groceries, adult beverages and some items Manard was needing for his next project.  He took me first to a very large store that specializes in adult beverages and party supplies.  They had everything!  Even a 12 pack of Oly!!!!!  Only one, but they had it!  There was a guy putting his stuff in his car when we went out who commented on us buying that Oly and he was going to get it, but we beat him to it first, he had to settle on the only 12 pack of Schlitz they had, but he was happy and wished us well on drinking our “cheap beer”!  I had to laugh!  What is it about me that attracts people like that?

The trip to the “store” took over an hour, but we made it safely and Manard showed me some of the back streets and the open spaces around thier home.  For such a crowded place there is a remarkable amount of open space which is dedicated to stay open and allow people to hike, bike and just plain look at.  It’s these large expanses of space and natural foliage that houses the wild critters around here.  I still question the uncontrolling of the critters, but that’s not my concern.  I just hope all will enjoy it when the raccoons are hanging on their back screen doors and the coyotes are curled sleeping under the rododendrums some day soon, with Fidos leash and a fur ball very close by.

The window glue I bought seemed awefully runny when we applied it, but it is still in place this morning, but then I have not removed the three strips of tape we put on it to keep it held in place while it dried.  Maybe the strips of tape will still be in place when we get home…time will tell.

And so for todays activities…We move from here over to Kathy and Darrells place.  We have been told it’s about a 3 acre secluded place and that we will love it.  They have a couple of Jack Russell Terriers and I have a bit of a concern with them welcoming MaPa’s into thier domain.  Kathy assures me that their dogs (or ours) can be kept apart by kennels that they have but she doesn’t see any problem with them getting along.  I sure hope so, as I have lost a couple of ours sleep thinking about what could happen and of course my concerns is with our little guy…he isn’t that aggressive and has never been in any sort of real dog fight.  We will see in a few short hours.

So, relocation is one step and then preparation for “another party”!!!  I love parties!  This is one in which ALL of California has been offered an invitation, but we all know that if you get an invitation to a party and you don’t know anyone who is going to be their that usually you don’t take them up on it.  That is the expected guest list here today…just friends but mostly relatives and the reluctant spouses (insert smiley face here).  Of course had the invitations been let out with “Bears Butt and Winemaker” as the honored ones, the guest list would have probably doubled.  That might not have been such a good thing and so to have it the way it is designed is probably better.  Afterall, who would want us competing with Arnold Swarznegger just down the road by pulling a lot of his guests away from his bar-bee-que?

And after the party cleanup (midnight I’m sure), we will try and get some sleep among the sirens and police activity and in the morning move again.  This time half way between there (where we are going today) and here (where we are currently parked) and will spend tomorrow night visiting with Ilene, Mike and LeOra.

We are not expecting to have any internet hookup at our next stop and so I must bid adieu (sp) until we get connected once again.  For you military types who are protecting me and my country, keep your heads down and come home safe.  For the rest of you reading this…well, you are just going to have to find something else to do with your time rather than sitting there waiting for your computer to sound off the reciept of another Bears Butt publication.  Maybe it’s time you went out and pulled those weeds you were going to do last week!  Just sayin!

By the way:  All mis-spelled words are brought to you by Toshiba and Windows…I can’t figure out how to enable it on this computer and so, what you see is what you git and if you don’t like it, that’s tough sh…..I forgot the rest of the saying, but you get the drift.

Bears Butt

July 21, 2013

Written on July 21st, 2013 , Vacation Time

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