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Packing for our trip is not an easy task.  First off the trip is like 4 in one.  The first leg will take us into the hottest part of the country right now for at least one night while visiting with a couple of Sherry’s sisters.  And a short “on the way, out the way” detour to look over a town that was established by one of my relatives, way back when.  We don’t know what to expect to see there, but since we are going to be right there we might as well go look around.

Then leg two of our trip is still sort of undecided.  Ultimately we want to end up in the San Francisco area (leg 3), but not necessarily before Thursday of the coming week.  I think because of not wanting to overstay our welcome, I’d rather arrive there on Friday.  I guess we will decide when the time comes.

So, our options for Leg 2 are to take some side roads going North out of the Los Vegas area, or to beat feet over to the middle (south middle) part of California and travel up the center of the state.  Looking at maps, one option is to stay in Nevada and go North by North West and cross over into California just South of Lake Tahoe.  Option 2 would have us go through Las Vegas, South and West a bit and then take a Northern road better traveled, along the East side of the Sierra Nevada range, and picking up the same road heading West just short of Lake Tahoe.

There are tons of things to see going on the option 2 road, especially if you are in a car (which we are not).  The coach is great, but when descending a steep and winding two lane road, it is not a very fun ride.  I have searched the web quite a bit and found that the road going West toward San Francisco, just South of Lake Tahoe is the least steep of all the others farther South of there.

Having been in the hot part of Nevada and California, it makes the most sense to me to head north into the mountains for a cool down.  I’m not really sure how Sherry is feeling about that at this time.  We will have decisions to make on the fly.

Speaking of “flies”, I’m taking my Bug-A-Salt with me.

Once in the San Francisco area we will be visiting relatives.  One of whom is my 99 year old (100 in December) Aunt LeOra.  We are looking forward to visiting with them for a couple of days.  A mini family reunion is in the plan.

When we leave their place, leg 4 will bring us home.  Again, an unknown route at this time.

So, keep tuned in to Bears Butt Dot Com for updates and watch our progress from points A to B to C to D etc.

Bears Butt

July 14, 2013

Written on July 14th, 2013 , Vacation Time

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