By: Bears Butt


HOT!  HOT!  HOT!  Record breaking temps around these parts and all the time we are cutting hay!  Mostly we just sit around in the shade and watch the custom cutting guy do the work.  But once in a while he has a problem and out we go to assist with the fix.

Last night was a long one for a couple of us as Donnell really wanted to get it all cut.  I suppose if he had been there the whole time it would have gotten done, but his son, Landon,  did a great job on most of it.  He couldn’t help it if the equipment kept breaking on him.

It has been an interesting year so far.  We saw a fox the night before last and yesterday a new born fawn.  It was an interesting encounter with the fawn, as I was leading Landon around the edge of the field while driving Fat Ducks 4 wheeler, suddenly I heard a very unfamiliar noise close by.  I was looking all around for where the noise was coming from when suddenly right at my side the little fawn jumped up from its hiding spot and jumped away, instantly hiding once again in the deep grass.  I got off to see if maybe I had run over it and here came momma out of the bushes!  I backed off and then momma ran away leaving the little one where it lay.

I directed Landon around the little critter as he went cutting past and the fawn jumped once again and went back into hiding a little deeper into the swamp on the edge of the field.  Later that evening while cutting that same field, we saw momma again, but no little one.  We worked late to get that field cut and I got home about 11 p.m.  I have never been involved with cutting hay that late before.


Earlier in the evening, Donnell was having a time keeping the grass from wrapping up on one of the drive systems and asked me if I had any duct tape.  I headed to the house and grabbed what I had (Gorilla Tape) and while at it I thought I should get a piece of cardboard as well.  When it was all said and done, this little bit of ingenuity kept the drive from getting wrapped up any more.


So, as hot as it is and as much sweat as pours from our bodies, we have to look at the job and say…”It’s worth it”!

Bears Butt

June 30, 2013

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