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The last week of June 2013…how quickly time flies!  The day is dedicated to the farm for the most part.  It’s time to get the equipment up and ready for the hay as it gets cut this Saturday.  This time of year is always a blessing of sorts, it is the end of the farming season for us, and the beginning of the next year at the same time.

It comes at an odd time but it shouldn’t seem odd, it is always the same time of year, it just seems strange to be involved with the farm work while play time is upon us and around us…July 4th is play time right?  So much to do and so little time.

On top of this we have family visitors in town and they are staying out our house tonight.  So, there is the coach to make ready for their stay.  They will be sleeping in that tonight and I have to make sure it’s clean and has clean bedding.  The coach makes for a great guest room in the warm months, not so much when it’s freezing outside.

So, with the farming about to come to a close for the season, what’s next?  Vacation!  After the 4th celebration and our involvement with that, which at this time seems to be all consuming, we will have a short break (except for the baling and hauling of the hay), and then Sherry and I are off to California to see our relatives out that way.  Our plans are to take us South first, to visit with some of her family, then to a place called Bunkerville, to see where some of my relatives lived…then to Vegas and off toward San Francisco…not sure of the travel route toward there yet.

Anyway, it’s about time for the gang to gather for the farm equipment prep work…gotta go!

Bears Butt

June 24, 2013

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