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I was just informed about a wonderful survival type web site that has a lot of merit!  It is not just a survival site, it is a site that carries what YOU NEED!  At home and in your vehicle.  Imagine you are in your vehicle, out hunting or going on a camping or hiking trip and you are far from any road that might have someone else traveling on.  Suddenly you have a flat tire and you discover far too late that your spare is also flat!  Now What?  It’s getting on to dark and you don’t have any of the things you will need to be stuck out there all night.  No sleeping bag…no extra water…no food…no matches…no toilet paper.  Your cell phone doesn’t work because you don’t have reception and now you are really in a quandary.  Way too far from the nearest road and now you have to try and improvise to help make it through the night.  AND you know you are going to be very hungry in the morning!

This site has just what you are going to need….the Wolvermouse 1 day pack!  It has everything to help make your overnight stay a good one and even put some good memories in the bank with your loved ones who are with you on this now “adventure”!

“Hey dad, remember when we had that flat tire up on Long Ridge that time and you pulled out the pack with all the food and stuff in it?  Remember?  That was a great night to be stuck out in the woods…I’ll never forget that, and we survived just fine with all that food and stuff.”

And the site sells other great stuff as well.  Things like way cool and functional tents that set up in seconds and even a stove to fit inside it for those really cold nights.  They sleep four people and more!  Store away so small they hardly take up any room in the truck and are just plain great.

Water and food storage packages for weeks of endless food at over 2,000 calories p/person per day!  Incredible!  And it’s NOT EXPENSIVE at all!  If you get caught in an emergency some day, don’t say I didn’t warn you and tell you about a great site that is selling some wonderful food stuff that will help you come through the crisis in flying colors!  Their motto is “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”…You shoulda contacted them and bought some supplies.  If you woulda contacted them you wouldn’t be in the mess you are in right now.  And you will be kicking yourself in the rear end because you coulda done just that!

This site is a work in progress, so save it in your bookmarks and check back often to see what new has been posted up.  Loads of interesting and very useful stuff is on there right now, but more is coming daily!

But don’t just look at it, order up some products to help you and your family through the next  emergency situation!  You will thank me later!

Click on this site link and it will take you right to their home page…”Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”!  And now you Cana!

They have a “contact us” section on the site that you can ask them questions etc. and that is very useful, but at times you want an answer right away, so here is the cell phone to get hold of someone right now (not right now, here in a minute), I mean “right now”!!!!

1 (801) 710-6637

Bears Butt

May 29, 2013

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