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The final hour!  Emails are being sent here and there at alarming rates.  Last minute details are worked out and logistics are being handled by whatever means one is feeling needs to be reconned with at the time.

People who have been on the “I’ll be there list” are dropping off because of conflicts, others are being called to last minute meetings and have to make adjustments and reschedule times and work schedules.

Is this all normal?  It very much is.  A big camp like this one is and the number of people involved requires a whole lot of planning and patience to get it completed.

Liability waivers need to be printed and signed to keep the sponsors out of any sticky situation that may arise.  Whenever you get a diverse group of people, both young and old together you can expect the unexpected.  Everyone is trying their best to make sure no harm happens to anyone and that everyone is having the time of their life, but you just never know.  Mix in some guns and ammo and it even gets more complicated.

BUT…that is the “what if ” ….the reality of the whole thing is WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A VERY FUN TIME!!!!  The final list of meals and incidentals is complete!  The shopping list is done as well.  Assignments to bring items needed is done and it’s time to head for camp!

I have to say at this time, that the guys in charge of the UWC really care about these events and want to make certain that no ill comes from it and that everyone has the best time enjoying it as is possible!  We volunteers are there to do everything in out power to help accomplish this as well!  Not to say we will be having a time of our lives at the same time!

You should consider volunteering for this next year, and trust me, it will be held next year!

A correction from yesterdays post…I said we had a pair of twin girls coming to the event, I was emailed this morning that a typo had been made on the list of winners and the wrong age was printed.  The two girls are sisters, but one is 2 years older than the other!

OK! Scratch having to look for a new posting from the Bears Butt for the next few days.  Maybe you can get something done around the house or yard now.

Bears Butt

April 25, 2013

Written on April 25th, 2013 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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