By: Bears Butt

A very nice Spring day today…we got a lot of farm work done this morning and had a wonderful day to get some of our own personal home work done as well.

On the trapping scene, we had a buyer come by and look at the wonderful display of top quality rats…I even let him see one of the larger rats…a small 17 incher, only because it was up and over my head and I saw it.  Where the 18 inchers are is anyone’s guess…back on a hanger among the multitude.

As of right now we have not heard his bid, but it will most likely be a fair one for us and certainly fair for himself.  We are not in the business of costing someone else money, we just want to make a good fair amount and still allow the buyer to make a few bucks at the same time.

Bob and I talked and we are not against freezing this years catch and putting them in with next years catch, which would actually give us a better bargaining edge next year….But you never know what the market will do in a years time.  With the price for mink being so very high right now, the muskrat market is high because of it.  As long as the Russian people are willing to buy fur coats, hats, gloves, scarfs etc., the market for fur will continue to be high, but when you look at the price they are paying for a raw mink hide, not even tanned, and then make a coat out of it…who in their right mind would or even could pay for a full mink coat?  So, in comes the muskrat…lower price and still just as nice a final product.

Monday will be a busy day on the phone with some of the other buyers to get their bids etc.  We will see.

I hope all of you enjoy your Easter Sunday!

Bears Butt

March 30, 2013

Written on March 30th, 2013 , Daily Trapping Events

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