By: Bears Butt

The next few days won’t be too exciting as far as the daily trapping stories go, but they are still a part of what goes on.  The 50 rats we took out of the freezer yesterday will be thawed out and ready to flesh and put on stretchers…that will be a “this afternoon” thing.

I’m hoping that we can take down another 60 rats and if we are then I will get the rest of the rats out of the freezer to do tomorrow.  If not, then that job will have to wait until Wednesday.

Back in the house, we have tile being laid in the entry way and down the hall.  The guy is here now preparing the floor for the under layment…some sort of cement bonding agent or whatever, coating a wire mesh.  He said it will become one solid structure when it’s all said and done.  MaPa’s is sure not understanding it all and he will be even more confused when I close the door to the kitchen and the other door to the bedroom…his domain will be shut out.

Last Friday there was another fur auction and the average price for muskrats was $11.75…that pretty much sets the price we can expect for our furs.  Now the local trapper and buyers will not get nor pay that type of money, that is just what the buyers can most likely expect to get for the furs they send to the auction houses later this year.  And, they will have to pay a commission to the auction house out of that and also have to cover the cost to ship the furs to them.  So, we might only get $10 for our furs.  Whatever the case, Bob is in charge of that, that is why I pay him the big bucks!  😉

Bears Butt

March 25, 2013

Written on March 25th, 2013 , Daily Trapping Events

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