By: Bears Butt

Getting a very late start today…why?….Carrots to dice for bait, gas for the toy, apply for big game permits, cook breakfast, make lunch, write up a Bears Butt Dot Com….Life is good.

Goal for the day, set more traps on Bull Run.  My plan of attack however is to check all 92 traps that are out there and then “time permitting” set more traps.  I figure Bull Run will take another 40 to 50 traps to get it all set.  There could be an ice issue toward the far end that would prohibit me from getting it all set and only by going down there will I know.  Bob thinks I’m only about 200 yards from the ice, if so another 20 traps should take care of that.

In the same field is another small ditch that hasn’t been trapped since I last trapped it, 3 years ago.  It is generally good for 10 rats and since they have had a relaxed few years, I might be able to snake more than that out of it.  If I get to it today it would be a good thing.


Bears Butt

Feb. 28, 2013

Written on February 28th, 2013 , Daily Trapping Events

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