By: Bears Butt

After a week of snow storms, potential snow storms, potential winds and drifting snow, my excitement for snow is in the tank!  I can do without snow right now.

Yesterday morning I sat watching it snow, not big snows (new word), but snow none the less.  And my anxiety level rose higher and higher as I watched it.  Then we had to go see a doctor.  Not because of my anxiety, it was a simple check up for Sherry.  Then shopping and suddenly I found myself back at home.

A quick look at the weather and the big storm that was predicted earlier in the day had been cancelled and a warming trend was predicted as coming!  YES!  My anxiety was gone and a new ray of hope surrounded my body!

I can go back to painting!  No more snow removal (12 hours this week alone)!  My life is saved!  And so it went yesterday afternoon, a smile on my face as I prepared to paint the hall and the two closets in that area of the house!  I never thought I would ever say I was glad to paint, but here I am almost giddy about it.

As you know trapping season is on hold until I get the painting done and along with that, God has made it a little easier on me by having everything frozen solid in the trapping area.  Where usually the warm springs bubble forth and flow down toward the frozen ponds, the springs themselves are frozen over so there is no visible water anywhere.  The snow level which normally is one fourth what we have around our homes, is knee deep out there.  The cattlemen are even having to go out at night and spot light the herd to make sure they are surviving the bitter cold and the deep snows.

And so, I am back to painting and loving it.  In fact I am as happy as Dances With Deer in this picture:


Certainly a ray of sunshine!  It’s a good thing you aren’t a drinkin man Bill.   Oh my, doesn’t that green grass look nice?

Bears Butt

Jan. 31, 2013…The last day of this month!

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