By: Bears Butt

Yesterday the news reported 17 inches of new snow fell on the town of Randolph.  That means more than 17 inches fell in the local mountains where the Dream Hunt will begin on November 17th.  17 vs 17, what does that mean? Nothing really.

But will that depth of snow melt or settle enough for the hunters to gain access to all the area that is available to hunt?  That is a tough question.

So, I propose we hire a local rancher, who has nothing to do with his time after he feeds the cattle and the horses, to take his tractor and blade up into the hills and plow out all the roads and trails.  We could pay him in beer when we get up there and set up camp.  We can also offer him a steak on steak night.

I think it’s a great idea.

Another thought is to line up a bunch of snow machines, the type they use to groom trails at ski resorts and for packing down the snow for snowmobile trails.  ANDY!  We need you bad!  Those bad boys have heaters and everything to keep you warm and dry.  I can just see the Willow Creek Free Trappers now all huddled up in those machines cruising the back roads of the Crawfords!  With those you wouldn’t even have to hike to the dead animal, just drive to it.

A third thought is to purchase ourselves some snow shoes and learn to use them.  A whole lot better idea than bucking waste deep snow like we did two years ago.

How about a fourth idea of praying for warm weather to melt what has been laid down?

It’s one thing for the Wind River Range to get a bunch of snow to help push the big boys down to the hunting range, it’s another thing to have all that snow bury the hunting range itself.

Pray for warm!

Bears Butt

Oct. 25, 2012


Written on October 25th, 2012 , DREAM HUNTS

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