By: Bears Butt

Looking to purchase some bulk raw peanuts in the shell to feed the jay birds this winter.  Since this year has been such a successful year to grow peanuts all over the U.S. I figured I could go on line and find some for less cost than buying from the local bird food place.  Well I can’t.

So, we will be heading down to Layton to buy some soon.

But in my surfing, I came across boiled peanuts and a recipe for them.  5 pounds of so of raw shelled peanuts, 3 quarts of water, and 3 cups of salt.  Boil it up and keep boiling for 3 hours.  Once boiled you eat the peanuts by shelling the soft shells and eating the nuts inside.  These are commonly referred to as “Goober Peas”!  Did you know that?  All the Southern folks do as that is where the whole thing started.

It is rumored that during the Civil War (is there such a thing as a “Civil” war?) the Southern troops had a tough time getting food and so they resorted to boiling up peanuts.  A batch of boiled peanuts would last up to 7 days in the ruck sack and provided quite a bit of protein for the troops.  At least they had something to eat.

At any rate, they were pretty good and so they kept eating them after the war and still to this day you can find road side stands that sell the boiled peanuts.  I’ve eaten some and they are quite tasty.

So, while you enjoy yourself some Goober Peas you might just enjoy this song written about them.

Bears Butt

Oct. 23, 2012

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