By: Bears Butt

Early this afternoon Sherry and I are heading for rendezvous.  It’s the Willow Creek Free Trappers 29th annual rendezvous and this year, like last, will be held on the banks of the Willow Creek, from which our clubs name is derived.

The Booshway and Segundo (Weasel and Hot Spark) are promising a very good rendezvous and last evening, while helping to set up the range and hawk blocks I saw where there are a TON of prizes for the raffle.  Including several of No Grimaces’ chain saw bears!

It’s going to be a great time for sure.

Camps are filling up fast but as far as I can count there is still a lot of room for more in the meadow between the creeks.  I’m guessing about 70% of the people coming to rendezvous have put their camps up and are just waiting until they get off work for the week to come in a play.

The weather looks very promising to be a bit cooler than the past couple of days and there is a slight (30%) chance of rain.  We could actually use a little rain.

We need for the raccoons and skunks to stay on their side of the creeks and not raid our camp while we sleep.  I hear that Sir Butt may be in attendance and also I promised I would reveal the rest of my “chant” song.  I hope to get some of the young people visiting the camp to help me, because just like Sir Butt, Bears Butt can not carry a tune in a bucket.  My whole goal with this chant is to firmly plant it into everyone’s head so that it is the only “song” they can think about all weekend long.  I get big old grins everytime I think about it.  🙂

29 years of rendezvous is a long time and the size of the group is growing continually.  I love it and everyone seems to really have a good time.  There is something for everyone here and I hope that if you can’t come this year that you will make it a scheduled stop in your plans for next year, our 30th annual and that will be a very special one.


Bears Butt

August 30, 2012



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