By: Bears Butt

I’m a huge fan of Facebook and it wasn’t that long ago that I joined.  Now it consumes a lot of my time each day.  A bad habit I know that makes the yard and house look like….well you get what I mean.  After all, you are probably hooked on it as bad as I am.

There is a link going around that I really get a kick out of, something like “What movie star or actor do you look like”, and you put in some phoney information about yourself and out pops a movie character that is supposed to resemble you.  I think someone needs to tweek the program to include cartoon characters as well.

But, since that is not the case I decided I needed to make something up on this site about myself.

This is me:

Sort of a happy guy most of the time.  The lines in my face attest to the fact that I smile a whole lot.  And so, I asked myself, who or what do you look most like.  John Wayne?  No.  Too serious a character.  I’m not much on actors names so I’ll let it go at that.  The fact is, I don’t watch much TV nor do I go to movies very often.  The last movie I saw was an LDS type movie called 17 Miracles.  It was a good movie and oh, by the way, Sherry and I got to shake the hand of the really short character, who could barely walk and nearly got eaten by the wolves that played in that movie last night at the county fair.  A really nice guy.  I’m off track again, have you noticed how well I do that?

So, who do I look like?  How about this guy:

Ya!  That’s close enough.  And for all you kids out there that like to color pictures, you can find this one on

Print it, color it and name it “Bears Butt” and hang it on your wall or fridge!

Bears Butt

August 26, 2012

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