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With the deer hunt just around the corner I thought I would post up a link to the top 40 mule deer bucks taken that are in the Boone and Crockett club book.  The top 20 typical bucks make my mouth water and my heart rate increase significantly.  How would it be to see one of these monsters close enough to take with your muzzy rifle?  I’d probably get buck fever so bad I would miss the shot big time.  How about you?


Bears Butt

August 23, 2012

And with the upcoming muzzleload hunt comes a need for each of us to do some practicing.  I recall shooting quite a lot before my last limited entry buck hunt and when it came time to shoot my animal I did not hit where I thought I was aiming, and I had a solid rock as a rifle rest when I took the shot.  What went wrong?  I will never know, but I plan on shooting that same load at the range before this seasons hunt and just see what the bullet does.

I ran across a very interesting article about muzzleload hunting and a lot of information that will help even the most seasoned of us.  If nothing else it will act as a reminder to us all about the ethics of taking long range shots.

It’s a very good read!

Bears Butt

August 23, 2012

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