By: Bears Butt

When you come onto this site you get the impression that all I do is sit here and type up dumb stuff.  Quite the contrary.  After all, how in the world could I work over my hunting trailer and be sitting here as well?  Of course my staff is constantly working and I am not always sure what they are up to.

We had a little gathering one evening over behind Windy’s house.  He had built a fire and invited the kids all over for smores.  I don’t like smores.  Sorry.  But I was sipping my favorite beverage while watching the process unfold.  The kids were happy with their marshmallow cheeks and chocolate mustaches and that is really all that matters.

Earlier in the day I had awaken with thoughts of a Native American chant in my head.  My thoughts were on the real thing and what were they saying when they do their drum chants and dance around.  Whenever I have heard some of the chants they are saying the same things and so even though it might sound like gibberish to me, it has meaning to them.  So, I too can make up a chant that has meaning.  And I did.

That evening around the smoking embers I shared it with my family and they all rolled their eyes when I was done.  The neighbor next door was quick to dash into his home, however, because he just knew the next thing would be a long spear coming in his direction (he said so the next day at church).

For you coming to rendezvous next week, I plan on sharing my chant with you around the fire.  You can decide then just how well I did at creating something spectacular, or normal, or dumb, or stupid, or not worth doing again.

Here is the opening line:


Come to rendezvous to hear the rest.  You have to admit it has a very interesting beginning and the ending is, well….you will like it even if you are just glad it’s over.

Bears Butt

August 21, 2012

Written on August 21st, 2012 , Just more stories

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