By: Bears Butt

National Spumoni Day.

I have to admit I had no idea what Spumoni even is.  So I Googled it to find out.  Come to find out it is just three different flaovors of ice cream with extra stuff tossed between different layers that makes it Spumoni.  Whipped cream is also put in between the different layers and then nuts, fruits, chocolate chips (whatever) is placed in with the whipped cream.  To serve it, the different ice creams are positioned so that you can see all three of the flavors standing up in the bowl.

Originally an Italian dessert and now it’s spread far and wide across the globe.

I thought that somewhere there must be a “spumoni capitol of the world”, but was unable to locate a spot that claims to be.  But I did find that there are a whole lot of restaurants and small cafe’s and coffee shops that are touted as having the best spumoni around.

I think just plain old vanilla will still satisfy my palette.  I don’t need the extra fattening stuff just to say I have had it and that is probably something I inherited.  That is also probably the reason I didn’t know what it even was.  The name itself sounds like some sort of sinus stuff, but I’m off course with that.   Now it doesn’t even sound like a good idea to go try.

So you sophisticated folks can enjoy your lunch of spumoni and maybe even an italian sausage.  I’ll have some chips and a beer.

Bears Butt

August 21, 2012

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