By: Bears Butt
Dry Dog, the famous one who buys lots of muzzy rifles and shotguns, called me today to inform me of Thompson Center Arms companies new policy.
A few years back the good company of Thompson Center Arms was purchased by Smith and Wesson Company, a very fine company producing high quality weapons.  As with any business that wants to stay in the Black on their bottom line, they have made some major changes with company policy.
One is to quit producing primitive weapons as we know them.  Two, they will utilize the parts they have in stock to repair those weapons that are sent in under the “lifetime guarantee” that Thompson has always been noted for.  But, when the parts are gone, they are gone and that guarantee will no longer be able to be fullfilled.  Sorry.
Currently, they have NO stocks for the Renegade model rifle.  They still have a few of the Hawken style, but they will probably go fast.  So, if your Hawken style rifle has a crack in the stock you best be sending it to them quickly (after rendezvous).  Other parts as well.  If it’s missing and you need one, order it through them.  Once again, when the parts are gone, they are gone!  Plain and simple.
They told him that in some cases, if you find a part on ebay or some other site, they MIGHT be convinced to reimburse you for that purchase.  I’d check with them first if you plan on going that route.
Also, they closed the Rochester N.Y. portion of their operation and only have their plant in Springfield Mass.  So, don’t send your old gun to the Rochester address, instead send it to
Thompson Center Arms
2100 Roosevelt Ave.
Springfield, MA 01104
Dog, If I have forgotten anything you wished me to tell everyone, I apologize.  The website for customer service is:

Thank you one and all.

Bears Butt

August 17, 2012

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