By: Bears Butt

Just for your information.  Some of you probably know this, some probably not.  But with the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend we should know that the reason for the holiday is not cooking hot dogs and having a weekend of fun outdoors, it was set aside as a time to remember those who have passed on ahead of us.

The holiday started as a remembrance of all the Americans who passed away during our most troubling of times, the civil war.  Hundreds of thousands of volunteer soldiers and non-volunteers who died believing in what their cause was.

The holiday has since become a time to remember all who have passed on, not just from wars and foreign struggles, but everyone who has passed.

The American Flag always comes to mind when I think of Memorial Day.  With that the name of the person who made the first one…Betsy Ross.

Next comes the “Pledge of Allegiance”.  All of the words of that pledge come to mind, but who was the author of that wonderful pledge?  Most people in American don’t know, and that is a sad thing.  Why is it we remember Betsy Ross, but not Francis Bellamy?

Just something for you to ponder.

Bears Butt

May 23, 2012

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