By: Bears Butt

Today is March 30 and according to the weird and zany, today is “National I am in control day”.

Reading up on the origin of this holiday, it isn’t so crazy after all.  It is actually a day dedicated to YOU.  Getting your life back in order.  You are in control today, so forget about the facts that the weeds are growing beyond control, that the lawn should be mowed and fertilized before it rains.  That the dog needs a bath and the garage needs cleaning.  You decide what needs to be done.  You are in control today.

Have a great day.  I have to go check on the asparagus to see if it’s growing and I need to clean up the fence line before it does.  Oh and the weeds need to be sprayed and of course the lawn needs mowing and fertilizing before it rains on Sunday and the dog…well he is another story…but wait, I cleaned the garage yesterday.  And of course I have to go to town and buy donuts for tomorrows work crew and order some timothy seed and make sure the cans are full of diesel.  Yes, I am in control today.

Bears Butt

Written on March 30th, 2012 , Uncategorized

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