By: Bears Butt

Do not buy a car today!  Do not listen to any politicians today!  And be prepared for someone to fool you with what seems to be reality!  Why?  Because today is National Smoke and Mirrors day!

Now, if you do happen to talk to a politician or watch one blowing smoke on the television or hear one talking B.S. on the radio and you believe what you are seeing or hearing….just wait until tomorrow and see if that politician backs off of what they said and apologizes for playing around with the holiday.  An honest politician would do that you know.  But then, is there such an animal as an “honest politician”?

Yes, National Smoke and Mirrors day!  What a wonderful thing.  Who thinks these things up?

Smoke and mirrors was what magicians did in the old days and probably still do today (I have not seen any magic shows lately).  They would have a stage on which they performed and they had lots of mirrors positioned around the stage.  When they wanted a certain illusion to occur, they would explode a smoke bomb to distract the audience and then quickly move a mirror into a given position to give the illusion they wanted.  I’ll bet the first one to do that was amazing!  After the audience caught on however, the magician would have had to do something really different to make you think he/she was a real magician…like Houdini.  Now HE was real.

Why do I think he was real?  Because he worked alot under water.  Chaining himself up and being dropped into a huge tank of water.  And then he would get out of the bonds that held him and would surface just in the nick of time to get a breath of air.  Besides, you can’t explode a smoke bomb under water, so he must have been real.

Now don’t go and blame me for blowing smoke up your…….I’m an honest man, with integrity, valor and all thoughts good and pure.  Always in YOUR best interest…remember that…I may run for office one day.

When I think of magical shows, it leads me to think of the traveling ones and always around Tennessee….is that how the mountains down there got their name…The Smokey Mountains?  Or am I just imagining a Chameleon on a mirror?  By the way, what color would that critter turn?

Bears Butt

March 29, 2012

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