By: Bears Butt

I must have weird friends.  One of them told me that today is “something on a stick day”.

Does that mean like a corn dog?  Or do I roast a hotdog over a fire on one of Edjukateers famous “not so long sticks”?  Maybe shiskabob?

It might not mean eating anything though.  Maybe it means to whack someone with an “ugly stick”!

Something on a stick, could be a balloon tied to a stick (Happy Birthday Clutch!).  Or just a string, or a whip, or best of all a fishing pole!  For a juggler, it could be balancing a ball on a stick.  For uncoordinated folks like me it could be a empty beer can upside down on the end of a stick.

Here is an idea website for you fans:

Well, whatever you find it means, have a great day doing it!  Happy Something on a Stick Day!

Bears Butt

March 28, 2012

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