By: Bears Butt

A.M. Report March 23, 2012

Today is the official end of my trapping season for 2012.  There are still a lot of things that need to be done after pulling the traps.  We still have a bunch of fleshing and stretching to be done and of course the few rats we caught yesterday and what we catch today will need to be processed.  But the actually catching ends for me today.  Bob is continuing to trap until Sunday.

A beautiful Spring day is on tap for today.  Highs expected in the mid 70’s!  Wow!

Expected catch today?  That is a tough one, but after yesterdays disappointing catch on my lines, I have to say I’ll catch 3 rats today.  It won’t pay for the gas to go out to Petersons, but it is what it is.  I just hope I do catch 3.

There is some excitement in the wind right now and Bob is taking the lead on that.  I’ll let you know later on how things go.  What am I talking about?  I’ll give you a hint: “You catch the fur….The fur buyer catches you”!


Bears Butt

P.M. Report

All my traps are now out of the swamp and in a big pile waiting to be looked over for repairs before being put away for the rest of the year.  The season was a tough one on a lot of the traps.  Broken chains, broken dogs, broken pans and triggers, missing hing pins and connectors, just about anything you can think of that makes a trap unusable.

It was a pretty fun ride through all the weather and moving traps, but it was worth it.

When I started on Feb. 13th I weighed myself and wrote it on the calendar…145 lbs.  You could have said I was short for my weight.  Today, March 23, six weeks later, I weighed in at 133 lbs., a 12 pound loss.  I think I’ll have a beer on that note!  And I think I’m still a little short for my weight.

It was a beautiful day even with a bit of wind and a proper ending to a fine trapping season with a finish catch of 7!

Now it’s time to clean up the rigs and get ready for the next adventure.

Bob netted 8 rats today and thanks to yours truely he was saved a rat and a trap as I “the hero” came along just about the time he was giving up trying to find a live rat caught in a leg hold trap that had broken the chain.  With one quick look around I spotted the little devil hiding under some grass that cascaded over the bank and into the water.  That saved us about $20 in trap and rat.

So, the daily trapping stories will come to an end, but I will keep you informed as to the price we end up getting for our furs.

Thanks for tagging along on this journey!

Bears Butt

Written on March 23rd, 2012 , Daily Trapping Events

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