By: Bears Butt

Tomorrow is Leap Day!  WAHOOOO!  Why was an extra day added to February every 4 years?  It has to do with the amount of time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun.  You see, we always consider it to take 365 days for the earth to accomplish this rotation, but in actuality it takes just a bit over 365 days and 5 hours for it to happen.  Mulitply 5 hours times 4 years and that is 20 hours.  Almost another day.  Actually the minutes and seconds that it takes are added to the 365 plus 5 hours and it ends up being “close to exactly” 24 hours.

So, in order for the calendar to show more accurately the days of full moons and no moons and Easter and Christmas and Thanksgiving and your birthday, we add an extra day to February…February 29th.  That’s tomorrow.

AHHH!  A beautiful day is in store for us.

Oh, did I mention your pay?  You work for a salary don’t you?  And you boast to your friends and family, “I work for $35,000 p/year”!  That is wonderful.  What about you on a fixed income.  You are retired and earn a whopping $12,000 p/year.  Not bad if your mortgage is paid for, but when you look at it $12,000 p/year is $1,000 p/month.  Take out the taxes and your health insurance and you don’t get a check.

But my point is this.  On Feb. 29th, you don’t get ANY money.  For you workers, you are working for FREE!  Thank you very much!  Think about it!  You signed up for an annual pay of X amount and that was based on a 365 day contract.  Toss in a 366 th day and vooella!  The boss has you working for free.

So, does this make you want to protest going to work?  I’d say!  So, call in sick, but then that takes away from your pool of sick days allowed.  Call in a vacation day.  Nope, that takes away your time you want to spend with the kids in July.

I think we should declare another holiday and let it happen on leap day every 4 years!  Yes!  February 29th!  Call the holiday “No Pay Day”.  You can sleep in, no business’ will be open.  It would have to  be made a law that no business’ could make their employees work that day.  No midnight madness sales.  No special events that cause anyone to have to work.  No McDonalds, No movies, No sports, No TV, No internet, No anything that isn’t automated.

I love the thought.  What if a robber comes into your home.  No Police!  You would have to do your own shooting and hopefully take the robber out completely, because there would be no ambulance until tomorrow.

If your lights go out.  Be thankful if you have some candles, because no crews are going to be out fixing whatever caused the outage.

Stock up on your favorite drinks and plan on playing with family members.  Board games, crocheting, sharpening your knives, maybe sweep out the garage.

Tomorrow when you wake up and get ready to go to work, remember what I have written here…YOU AINT GITTIN PAID TODAY!

Bears Butt

Feb. 28, 2012

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