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This one was very tempting to put in the Recipe section because it is a recipe by all means of the definition of a recipe, but I decide to just let it hang out in the un-categorized part.

It is early Spring right now and with the warmer weather comes “warm weather critters”.  Those that have been cooped up all winter in their little hovels and waiting for the sun to warm the ground around them.  Once that happens, out pops their little fuzzy heads and around they begin to travel, mostly looking for something to eat.  After all, they have  been without food for quite some time.

One of those fuzzy little guys that begin to show up about now is colored black and white.  Some striped, some spotted but no matter the color pattern, they have a distinct smell that rivals all other smells (after reading this do a search for  “skunked bad” on this site).

Well, we all know that dogs like to investigate anything that moves in the out of doors and when a dog approaches a black and white critter, the critter will raise its tail in defiance and mutters to the unwarry,  “Come closer and get my rath, you mangy mutt”!

Now I don’t know of any breed of dog that speaks “fluid skunk”, at least not on their first meeting.  So when this encounter takes place, the first and most likely place the “scented dog” will come is home or to its master out in the field.  Good Boy/Girl!  You trained it well!

Upon realizing that you are faced with an ugly scene, your first thought, while catching your breath is “I gotta git this dog a bath!”

I found this recipe in a sports magazine some years back and saved it in my “special place for priceless things”  in the corner of “my part of the drawer” (the wife has the other 2/3rds).

This recipe is supposed to be “THE LA” recipe for de-skunking a pet.  The man that derived it is supposed to be a chemist and his name is Paul Krebaum.  Here is his recipe.

1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1-2 teaspons liquid dish-washing soap.

Mix it up and scrub it into the animals fur.  Being careful not to get it in the animals eyes, nose or mouth.  Rinse the animal with lots of warm water.  Dry the pet and of course give it a treat for being such a well behaved critter.

You should have used all the mixture on the animal, if you did not, don’t try and save any of it.  Just pour it down the drain.

I have not tried this.  So if you get the chance to (chuckle), please leave a comment about it here.  Just scroll down and see the “leave a comment” section.


Bears Butt

Feb. 2012

Written on February 26th, 2012 , Uncategorized

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    Nogrimace commented

    This same recipe works on peoples too. I, having made the mistake twice now, used this to make me smell better myself. I was not Nose to Butt, but I was less than 2 feet away when he let loose. First time I tried tomatoe juice, it didn’t work, still smelled like a skunk but I got use to the smell but when everyone got around me and my dog, they said we stunk real bad. Good idea Mr. Butt…..

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