By: Bears Butt

I was asked once, “Why do you talk about horses and call them ‘goddammits'”?

Well, it’s a pretty simple answer.  First off you have to understand horses.  They are big animals that are powered by a walnut size brain.  All that muscle and mass has to be controlled and that little brain has an overwhelming job to try and contain all of that.  Not an easy task by any means.

Secondly, a horse does what a horse does best, goes pretty much where it wants to.  You build a five or six wire fence around the area you wish the horse to stay in.  You feed it.  You water it.  You do everything possible to make it a happy horse and sometimes it will even let you ride it without throwing you off.

And so, you are reasonably sure the horse is happy where it is and you leave it to go and do something else.  You have fed and watered it.  The hay you gave it is the best around and when you leave it, the horse is nose deep into the pile of hay.  Munching happily away.

The next time you come to take care of the horse it is gone!  Not where you left it.  Or not anywhere near where it should be.  The first thing that comes to your mind is “goddammit”, where is that horse?  And so, why not just call them what you first think about?  goddammit!

Bears Butt

Dec. 2011

Written on December 26th, 2011 , Uncategorized

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