By: Bears Butt

The following story happened to me about 20 years ago, or so.  It was a cool Fall morning and my brother Bob and I were out duck hunting.  It was still way to dark to be able to shoot and we were bailing out the water from a sunken box blind.  I had set the decoys out, while Bob started to bail.  When I was done, I came back to relieve him of that task.  As he was deciding whether to finish the job or turn it over to me, I was looking up at all the duck silhouettes passing over our heads.  Hundreds and maybe thousands of ducks were coming off the water in the shallows and flying back to Unit 5 of the Bear River Bird Refuge.  Their flight path took them directly over us.

It was a very cool sight to behold.  It was still too dark to identify what kind of ducks they were, just duck silhouettes passing over head about 30 to 50 feet up.  Lots of quacking and whistling of wings as they went.  Flock after flock after flock.

I made a comment to Bob about it and he took a second to look up and see what I was seeing.

During those days, I wore glasses in order to see distance.  Without them, I could not have seen the first of those ducks.  Blind as a bat at noon I was without my glasses.

As Bob was looking up, so was I and as quickly as not, a LARGE amount of duck crap hit me right between the eyes!  SPLAT!!!!  It covered both my glass lenses and of course my forhead and nose and cheeks! YUK!

I told BOB the season for the day had started!  Let’s kill us some ducks!  He laughed for quite a long time when all that happened!

Bears Butt

Oct. 2011


Written on October 23rd, 2011 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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