By: Bears Butt

We have all been there.  That is, we have all been told, or we told someone else when a question has been asked that has an obvious answer and we (or they) respond with “Does a Bear Sh*t in the woods”?  From my observation, and I must qualify this by saying I have Never seen a bear in the woods and so, I have never witnessed the act.  At least I have not seen a bear outside of Yellowstone National Park, which I don’t really consider “the woods”.

But I have seen a picture of a bear in the act and I feel it important enough to share that picture with you and then explain what I must explain.  You will see my logic in a few minutes (or less).

OK.  So you see this is clearly a Bear.  And this is clearly a bear with one thing in mind and that is to rid itself of yesterdays hiker or berries or what have you, that it ate.  Now let’s carefully analyze what we are observing.  If that bears backside is 10 inches above the ground, what he is pushing out will most likely break off at some point before touching the ground.  At least that is what my logic tells me.  And so it becomes quite obvious that when asked that age old question:  “Does a bear sh*t in the woods”?  The answer would be “NO.  A bear does NOT sh*t in the woods.  It sh*ts in the air and it FALLS in the woods”!

Bears Butt

Sept. 2011

Written on September 22nd, 2011 , Just more stories

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