By: Bears Butt

We found this in with all the other stuff from the old house and I thought maybe you would like to see it too.  It is titled “Agricultural Courtship”.

Bears Butt Sept. 2011


A potato went out on a mash,

And sought an onion bed;

“That’s pie for me!” observed the


And all the beets turned red;

“Go ‘way!” the onion, weeping,


“Your love I cannot be;

The pumpkin be your lawful bride’

You cantelope with me.”


But onward still the tuber came,

And laid down at her feet;

“You cauliflower by any name,

And it will smell as wheat;

And I, too, am an early rose;

And you I’ve come to see;

So don’t turn up your lovely nose,

But spinachat with me!”


“I do not carrot all to wed,

So go, sir, if you please!”

The modest onion meekly said,

“And lettuce, pray, have peas!

Go, think that you have never


Myself, or smelled my sigh;

Too long a maiden I have been

For favors in your rye!”


“Ah, spare the cuss!” the tuber


“My cherryshed bride you’ll be!

You are the only weeping maid

That’s currant now with me!”

And as the wily tuber spoke,

He cought her by surprise,

And giving her an artichoke.

Devoured her with his eyes.


Unknown author

Written on September 22nd, 2011 , Poems (or sumthin)

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