By: Bears Butt

On one of the last legs of our 2011 fun trip.  We hit the coast of Oregon and stayed at Lorin Facers abode for one night, could have stayed longer but did not want to be a problem to him.  What a beautiful place and the view from his front window is absolutely magnificent!  Pictures to come later.

Stayed at Diamond Lake FS campground one night….beautiful place but tons of mosquitoes!  Rode the rim of Crater Lake….not fun in an 8 ft. wide motor home when the road is only about 5 ft. wide and washing off the outside edge….we were glad to get off the rim.  Then on into California and now sitting on the border of Nevada…where to next?  Toward home, but who knows, we still have at least one more night we can spend before needing to be home to join up with the kids for a couple nights at Tony Grove lake!

Are we having fun yet?  Absolutely!!!!

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