By: Bears Butt

I looked up uses for dill pickle juice and found that some people will cut up raw cucumbers and put in the jar of pickle juice and have another jar of pickles in a few days!  Imagine that?

Others drink the juice straight from the jar!  Others will chill the juice first before drinking it.  Some prefer it be room temperature.

Still others use it as a chaser for shots of tequila and others again will mix vodka with the pickle juice and that is their favorite drink of the evening.

Some use it as a dressing for fresh salads.  Some put a bit of juice in their mix for deviled eggs, eggs salad sandwiches.

Some will julienne carrots and put in the juice…in a few days they have pickled carrots.

There are others who use it as a marinade for chicken or other meat that is going to be bar-b-qued.

What else do you use pickle juice for?

On the farm, we have found that pickles and/or the juice is good to aid the workers in gaining their strength back after strenuous exercise.  Is it the vinegar or the pickles?  I think vinegar.

I heard the BYU football coach a long time ago, had his players drink pickle juice instead of Gator Aid.  Gator Aid, as I understand it, was formulated by the Florida Gator’s chemistry department as a quick energy generator drink for their teams and that is how it got its name!  Gator Aid!

As a bartender one would have to come up with a name for a vodka and pickle juice drink…maybe “Shmirkle” (Shmirnoff and pickle juice).  I think pickle juice mixed 50/50 with normal bloody mary mix would make a wonderful bloody mary!!!!


Picklemania!  It’s what’s for drinking!

Bears Butt

July 2011

Written on July 24th, 2011 , Recipes

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