By: Bears Butt

Many Steps, Dry Dog and I joined up to shoot in the Utah Wildlife Net’s Top shooter event.  It’s an event set up for any and all calibers of weapons from pistol to rifle, 17 cal. to 50 plus long range rifle stuff.  We entered the muzzleloader event.  5 shots at 5 different circles at 50 yards.  The shooter is allowed to use a rest etc. to hopefully get all 5 shots  into the red circles.

We had planned on shooting it during the rendezvous, but due to extremely poor weather we were unable to do so.

Today was the last day to enter our targets and Dry Dog called and said let’s go!  So we packed things up and went back up to the rendezvous spot and set out our targets.  The day was a very pretty one with little or no wind and highs in the 70’s.  A very nice day indeed, especially since the past week has been so up and down with rain, wind and snow.  Thank YOU GOD!

We always have a beer bet on target shooting and this was no exception.  The targets will show you who owes who what.  I’ll give you a hint, even though Many Steps actually hit closer to what he was aiming at than I did, we still scored the same actual score.  So we tied on the beers.  Mr. Dry Dog didn’t fair so well and one of his 5 shots didn’t quite have enough power to get to the target as he only loaded with 10 grains of powder….I suppose the pressure was just too great and he blew the shot.

We even had an eye witness in the audience.  A very nice gentleman who allowed the harassment without joining in, and that would have been impossible for me to do.

Thank you Mr. Dry Dog, my lips can hardly wait for that cold beer!  Many Steps is looking forward to his as well.  May there be many more!!!!Many Steps, I’ll buy you a beer for shooting like that even though our scores are the same.  You hit a LOT closer to what you were aiming at than I did.

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